Make it Easy for Authors to Add Content for Training

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Make it Easy for Authors to Add Content for Training

Content requirements for corporate training range from very simple topics to highly complex. And, more often than not, there are multiple subject matter experts (SME) involved. But, if the content creation process is clunky it causes delays in training, unidentified errors and more. 

When lots of content is needed quickly, it’s imperative to have a system in place. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. 

For instance, version control is a big problem when multiple experts are working on a piece of content — files get emailed from computer to computer and saved in various places. The struggle isn’t just with identifying the most recent version to work from but it also must seamlessly make its way into the LMS and learning pathways.

Creating lots of content quickly is also a challenge when multiple SMEs are involved. 

  • The process could get slowed down because only one person can edit at a time. 
  • What if one of the experts forgets to let the next content creator know that it’s their turn to add input?  
  • Limited permission for only certain people to access and/or make edits 

Sometimes, SMEs are also privy to content that would be a good resource to have in the LMS. For example, a risk compliance officer might keep a current list of state statutes that apply to the company. An LMS should be able to link out to that document where it’s stored and always have the latest version. This would minimize changing links in the LMS, course assignments etc. 

As you can see, there are a myriad of situations that make it difficult to create content quickly and collaborated on by multiple SMEs. 

So, how can an LMS help SMEs collaborate on mass amounts of content?

1. Centralized Document Management System (DMS). Organization is a must when multiple people are involved with creating a lot of content. 

2.   Flexible Permissions. Experts must go to a centralized DMS but they also must have the right permissions to view it and make edits.

3. Version control. There is usually a lot of versions before a piece of content is approved for training. And, especially with compliance, you must know what the most up-to-date version is as well as when it was last changed and by whom.  

4. Automation. To keep things moving along in a timely manner, automation is a must. If someone is done making changes, the system must automatically alert the next editor in line. Once published it should automatically push out to all learning paths and update accordingly.
5.   Integration. It’s important for all aspects of training to be integrated together for maximum ease.

The Selection Process

Many people might think of content and an LMS as two separate things. But, in the context of corporate training they absolutely go hand-in-hand and must be considered during the selection process.

Content will always be important for all use cases but in particular when it comes to highly regulated industries. This is when the creation of content can get troublesome.

Content will always be important for all use cases but in particular when it comes to highly regulated industries. This is when the creation of content can get troublesome.

Preparation is the key.

How can multiple experts collaborate on important content, while still maintaining a high level of security?

Does reporting reflect how the content ties back to goals and objectives?

Will the vendor consult with you on content strategy and implementation?
These are all things to consider and having good communication with an LMS vendor will help you identify the answers to these questions.

So, when selecting an LMS, be sure to consider these content-related scenarios. When SMEs can quickly and easily add content, training programs stay on track, compliance requirements are met and there won’t be any lapses in productivity.

ShareKnowledge LMS is designed to be conducive to all types of content and from all types of authors and SMEs. In addition, automation and integration help get high amounts of data into our system with ease. This is one of the reason why highly regulated industries choose ShareKnowledge for their corporate training needs.

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