8 Must Have Features in an LMS for Corporate Training

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8 Must Have Features in an LMS for Corporate Training

A learning management system (LMS) provides an effective way to deliver training content to employees in varying formats, time frames and sequences. As an essential component of corporate training programs, e-learning provides considerable advantages — from allowing employees to learn at their own pace, to reducing costs of training, to enabling companies to create customizable training content.

A robust corporate training platform must manage complex workplaces, work teams and reporting demands. Below are eight of the top requirements to look for in a corporate training program.

1. Online Progress Assessments

Your LMS training program must have tools to measure progress and comprehension as employees complete tasks. Whether it is through the use of check-in quizzes, formal tests or group assessments, your corporate training will be most effective when results can be analyzed and monitored.

2. Compliance Management

In many industries, corporate training and development are essential for more than just employee learning. They can be required for your company to maintain compliance with federal, state or local guidelines or certification requirements. A corporate training platform should effectively track participation and measure comprehension in order to help you meet compliance mandates.

3. Single Sign-on

Your LMS training program should allow employees to use the same authentication and password functionality as for other enterprise systems on the corporate network. Such features save IT time on password reauthorization and user assistance.

4. Branding

Your e-learning system says a great deal about your corporate culture and can boost employee affinity and loyalty. A comprehensive corporate training and development program can be a big selling point for job candidates as well. You want your system to have a similar look and feel as other internal corporate systems.

5. User Feedback

Users of company training programs need to be heard. User feedback is a powerful tool to assess the efficacy and impact of training programs, provide insights on how to improve the content and delivery, and identify strengths. In addition, asking your employees for feedback on corporate training programs demonstrates that worker insights are valued and heeded.

6. Course Development

You need a corporate training platform that allows for course development within the product. For trainers and course developers, having a wide range of tools available to create great, compelling content and deliver needed information and messaging adds significant value, allowing for cost savings by reducing the need to purchase additional course development tools.

7. Multimedia Capabilities

Today’s corporate training platforms must provide great flexibility with regards to the content they can deliver. Companies often need to incorporate interactivity, and also different types of learning materials, including video, text, photos, audio and slide decks. Systems must be able to link to external sources and incorporate those links easily, allowing seamless user access.

8. Personalization

Not all users are alike, nor will they have the same training needs, learning styles or technological abilities. Your corporate training system must have the ability to personalize usage through easy-to-follow instructions and easily traceable progress within specific courses or broader multi-session modules. Given the global workplace, modules should be available in multiple languages.

The Power of ShareKnowledge for Corporate Training

With ShareKnowledge, your company can deliver powerfully effective corporate training in an integrated, comprehensive enterprise platform. With features that make using the platform easier for HR professionals, trainers, course developers, executives and employees, ShareKnowledge has the course design, testing, reporting and personalization functionality that delivers regardless of one’s roles.

ShareKnowledge is a SharePoint-based learning management system that can be used for a variety of functions, including compliance training, team training, external training, employee onboarding and talent management. To learn more about ShareKnowledge's comprehensive corporate training functions and see how it can transform training at your company, schedule a demo today.

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