5 Reasons SharePoint Makes Life at Work Easier

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5 Reasons SharePoint Makes Life at Work Easier

If you could find a solution that would make your work life easier, would you? The answer for most is an astounding yes. Why? Because employees have more and more on their plate with less time to do it. SharePoint offers a multitude of features that make work easier for everybody in the workforce from worker bees to the highest level managers.

SharePoint is more than just 'somewhere to put your documents' but a complete enterprise platform that solves multiple workforce management challenges. For instance, one of its biggest advantages is that it's incredibly flexible – social collaboration, portal for shared resources, a launchpad for enterprise apps, the backbone for websites and much more.

But, it all boils down to SharePoint being able to organize and display the information needed in ways to help employees be more productive and collaborative.

Let's take a look at the top five ways SharePoint makes workforce management easier:


One of the most common uses of SharePoint for workforce management is its intranet capabilities. Many employees complain that they don't know where to find information about the latest happenings within their organization. And, with more and more employees working remotely, having a central point of contact is crucial.

The SharePoint intranet is an internally facing site that everybody in your company can find news, announcements and a variety of other information. Because SharePoint is customizable, an intranet doesn't have to be 'one size fits all'. In fact, dashboards can be organized by department or role, and with different levels of permissions granted to ensure that everyone from interns to the CFO can get only the details they need at any given time.

Onboarding is another huge reason for a good intranet. Studies show that most new employees make the decision to stay or leave a company within the first six months so getting them acclimated is imperative to success.

Whether you're a new employee or seasoned veteran, another big issue for workers is feeling like they have no voice in a company. SharePoint solves this worforce management challenge by offering an intranet that utilizes social features like discussion boards and community sites that allow for open dialogue from any member of a team or department.

A SharePoint intranet is the ultimate meeting room and planning seminar that your workers will look forward to visiting and attend throughout their workdays.


SharePoint reigns supreme when it comes to document management. Everything is digital these days from eLearning modules to HR documents, SOPs and team projects. You name it, it has been created and chances are its floating around on various hard drives.

Storing content in one centralized location makes finding up-to-date documents so much easier. In SharePoint, they can be accessed by anyone in the company, depending on permissions. This means that workers won't have to waste precious time tracking down what they are looking for. Even better, multiple people can work simultaneously on a single document.

SharePoint not only houses content in a single location but employees can also access events, tasks or training within the SharePoint workforce management umbrella.


Collaboration is a big trend in the workforce and this year we’ll see even more emphasis placed on it by corporations. This is also a big reason to use SharePoint to make life at work easier.

There has never been an easier way to collaborate than with SharePoint. Again, an underutilized tool but one that packs a big punch.

The top two complaints workers have are 1) email overload and 2) too many meetings. Using the collaborative features in SharePoint alleviates this problem completely.

For instance, small groups can collaborate together using team sites so they can skip repetitive meetings and multiple email strings. Everybody stays up-to-date with status of projects using automated notifications and calendars. This especially holds true when they are dispersed in different locations and time zones.

SharePoint collaboration creates a stronger link between learning and performance.


While many companies take advantage of SharePoint internal features, there is also big benefit for its external properties like dealing with business partners.

We know that externally facing partners and clients have just as much importance to your bottom line than employees. SharePoint can be set up so that they have access to all the information they may need from your company while giving them a place to upload anything pertinent you may need of them.

What’s more, training the external audience is a snap using SharePoint since you’ve already uploaded training content to various libraries within the software. Add some unique branding, training with social and you’ve got the perfect mix for success.


Business intelligence in SharePoint ties everything you do in the workplace together. And, because SharePoint plays nicely with other systems it makes it that much easier.

Data is so important in order to make better business decisions. SharePoint offers simple reporting for managers, compliance and training teams.

SharePoint's unique metadata search capabilities makes it a breeze to find all your company's files efficiently, but most importantly to help discover larger patterns. Whether that be by displaying trends over time or relationships between different inputs with graphs and charts.

SharePoint can also be instrumental in getting everyone company-wide on board should you decide to change course of action as a result of findings.

What makes SharePoint such a powerful workforce management tool though is that it doesn't simply rely on all the features and functions it provides out-of-the-box but it can be fully customized to streamline pretty much any aspect of your business. And thus, makes life at work easier!

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