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ShareKnowledge is a corporate SharePoint Learning Management System

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The first corporate SharePoint Learning Management System

SharePoint is a powerful tool that 50% of businesses already use. If you're one of those companies, then you and your learners are one step ahead of the game and basically know how to use ShareKnowledge. As a result, this will increase adoption and utilization of the LMS by employees in your organization.

Plus, much of the content that departments, business units and corporate leaders want shared is aleady contained within your SharePoint. And, your IT department already has security configured, user permissions established and will be familiar with the core of how the LMS works. 

With advanced versioning control, content authoring, an available content library and ShareKnowledge Dashboards, you get all the tools you need, the security you require and a competitive price.

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Some of our awesome features

We're regularly adding new features that you can use, on-premise or in the cloud.

Learning Management System

Easily store, sync, and share all your important content on a SharePoint LMS

Reporting and Dashboards

Some of the most robust and easiest to use reporting and dashboard tools in the industry

Content Flexibility

Import your SCORM files, assign existing content in your SharePoint, use our rich content libraries or author new content for performance support
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Responsive and Easy to Use

Because ShareKnowledge is built on Microsoft SharePoint, the LMS is fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. 

No matter your job title, ShareKnowledge addresses all needs and concerns.

  • As a LMS Administrator, you'll love the versioning controls.
  •  If you're an IT Professional, you'll value that your SharePoint administrator already is familiar with the system infrastructure, and that the security permissions maintain your SharePoint and Active Directory settings. 
  • As a CFO, you'll appreciate that updates are included in the subscription price, even if an on-premise solution is chosen. 
  • If you're a CEO, you'll love that the reporting and Business Intelligence/ ShareKnowledge Dashboards provide drill-down reporting and are easily customized to give you the insights you need.
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